PMS – Port Management System

PMS is a port/terminal operating system, TOS, for administration of containers , general cargo and bulk cargo. In addition the system has modules for information about the various resources needed in a port/terminal, e.g.  machines and personnel.

PMS consists of the following modules:

  • Container control for handling of information and status about every container which passes through a terminal.
  •  Administration of information about general cargo and bulk cargo which passes through the terminal.
  •  Machine planning
    The machine planning module is used to handle information about the machinery such as the state of the machinery, which kind of parts that are used and the availability of spare parts.
  • Resource planning
    Resource planning is used to handle configuration of stevedoring teams and allocation of machine resources.
  • Information about Human resources needed to set up and configure suitable stevedoring teams.

PMS is built up in modules in order to enable flexibility and customisation. This makes it possible to meet the specific requirements of different customers. Because of the modularity of PMS it can be adjusted to different types of ports/terminals.

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