As TISAB is a small software engineering company we have a special commitment to our systems which shows in all of the phases of software development.

System Requirement Studies

During the first phase of system development the initial requirements of the system are elicitated. This is done together with the customer and is based on the current work procedures at the customer. The requirements serve two different purposes. One is that they are used to specify the boundaries of the system i.e. what it is to provide and what other systems it is to cooperate with. The other is that they form the basis of our understanding of the customer needs and problems.

System Analysis

Based on the elicitated requirements a system analysis done. During this phase a design of the system is made that offers the highest possible flexibility and adoptability. The initial requirements might also have to be complemented in order to better specify the system and provide better understanding of the customer needs.


When we feel that we thoroughly understand the fundamental customer needs and have developed a suitable system design, the implementation of the system begins. This doesn´t mean that our commitment with the customer ends, instead it intensifies. We use an evolutionary programming process, meaning that we develop the system in steps. In each phase the previous phases of requirements elicitation and system design are repeated. In each step we add functionality and after each step a new release of the system is made. The main advantage of this method is that we can deliver a prototype early with the most important features to the customer and thus also early receive customer feedback regarding the system.

Installation and Training

When a system release has been tested with satisfactory result the next phase of the development is to introduce the release to the customer. The most fundamental part of this phase is the installation of the software, but of equal importance is the training of the customer staff in order to ensure that the full potential of the program is used. As outlined above new releases will take place in regular intervals, meaning that from the initial release of the system. The users of the system will gradually be able to use more features of the system and as the familiarity with the system increases the need of new training decreases.

Support and Maintenance

When the first release of the system has been installed at the customer company. The whole development process enters a new phase with emphasize on support and maintenance. But the development process is still ongoing. When the initial requirements has been met new ones will emerge as the users obtain a greater understanding of the possibilities and capabilities of the system and as the system environment changes. Since the system was originally designed to cope with change. It is natural to continue the development process to adopt to these changes.

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